Thai Intel answers “Wild & Crazy” part 2

Hi girls, just a kiss? How about a blow instead?

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the sexy eyes duo and we just wonder really about the splintering at the highest echelons of the Red Shirts-between the doves and the hawk. Can you shed some light? Thanks a lot we love the sexy pictures.

Hi sexy eyes duo, there is really nothing much to report really since what happened is just water under the bridge. What is more important is the future. Unfortunately, in about 6 months to a year, the Red Shirts will be doing their mass rally again. The question to ask is what will the future install. Here, I think the defenses will be nearly non-existence and the great threat is that the military will just walk in and kill off many of them all over again. But the bottom line is that there is no defense against a killing machine. Roll the dice and lets play “Gandhi” appear to be the future direction.

  • Hi Thai Intel: Have not seen you at the clubs lately, what is going on?

Hi babes, it is kind of funny but Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza have sort of lost its attraction to Thai Intel-so we have been stalking some office babe instead.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the censored honey filled pussy girls, just a quick question-with all the censorship going on in Thailand, will the Red Shirts message get out.

Hi Censored honey pussy girls, before social network and TV, way back in Thailand’s history, the Thais have communicated in many former protest. The bad thing about social media is that it is an outlet of energy and many times, people think writing a comment is all the protesting they need. With all the censorship in Thailand, the outlets are controlled and thus a pent up energy is formulating. Also secret papers and video are flying all over the place. relax, take the tape off your mouth and do some pouting.

  • Hi Thai Intel: What have you been up to-cause you disappear often then pop up again out of no where?

Hi sexy face, Thai Intel have been experiencing some religious teaching lately, so that our writing can be less radical, more logical-and so you can enjoy Thai Intel more-but then the sexy pictures might bet better too.

  • Hi Thai Intel: Cheer up an have some fun-you seem totally too serious lately, OK?

Hi girls, it comes with the territory but will try to check out more Korean acid pop for entertainment-but it is so stressful the way you girls shake and pose.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the classy ass chicks and we are just curious about how big is the Republican Movement with the Red Shirts. There are lots of report but no definitive word on the subject at all. Should we take out beautiful ass and join the Republican Movement?

Hi classy ass, the question on Thai republicanism is not really about the Red Shirt at all but about the royalist, elite and military rule of Thailand-in that they have identified and sided with Thai Royalty and thus they become a part of the single group. Unfortunately, for them, their action speak louder than words and they are real shitty people full of all types of corruption to the core-which is their nature. Good people see it eventually-and the Republican Movement in Thailand grows about 90% from seeing the royalist-not really what one republican says to another.

  • Hi Thai Intel: Like how big and strong are you?

Hi girls, in some countries our banana would be considered big but then in some countries it would be considered small.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the spider of legs group of Asian chick, and we just wonder really about how an election in Thailand will impact the Red Shirt movement? Would it die down?

Hi leggy girls, the word Red Shirts have an official name that it is against dictatorship. Aung San recently commented on the Thai military drawn constitution that is will not solve any of Thailand’s problems-as its nature is un-democratic. An election or not will not change the Red Shirt objective of bringing back the people’s constitution. By the way, Thai Intel is going to have to start getting into legs because yours are just so so so sexy.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the belly buttons fox, just tell us something interesting OK?

Hi belly button fox, the interesting thing is that we can go shopping for belly button piercing because nothing is more not-sexy than belly buttons that are not pierce. Then after that, lets get your tongue pierce as well. Well, you know what they say about chicks with pierce tongue.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the lesbian gang bang chicks, and we just wonder about all the Red Shirts political prisoners with the latest news that many arrested are innocent and but got beaten up in prison. That sounds like a really bad deal. Love Thai Intel much much and hope to lesbian Thai Intel to death one of these days.

Hi Lesbian gang bang, yes the news about political prisoners in Thailand is bad. What can Thai Intel say except that Amnesty International is busy dialoging Prayuth dick, meaning giving Prayuth a blow job, and so it is not watching human rights in Thailand. Only with international pressure will turn Thai army general like Pratuth into a human being. Unfortunately, sucking dick with dialog is going on. Oh, lesbian Thai Intel to death right away OK.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the long hair girls, and we just want to be yelling and screaming in bed-shaking our head to your loving fun, OK?

Hi long hair girls, nothing turns Thai Intel on more than long hair, but you know when the bed shakes and rocks anything can happen and are you sure you want to risk getting your beautiful long hair like hit with you know what?

  • Hi Thai Intel: Would you like to be the manager of out singing group?

Hi ladies, well you know Thai Intel can really make you sing-but we are afraid only in bed.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the pretty face and we are curious about the burning of the World Trade Center, bacause the latest picture is that the Thai army was in control of the center. Is it possible they are the one who burned it down to pin it on the Red Shirts.

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