Thai Intel answers “Wild & Crazy” part 3

Hi pretty face, knowing the Thai military and how devious they are-anything is possible. The 100 of picture of the last moments at World Trade Center looks very bad for the military, but overall, remember that the soldiers prevented the fire fighters of going into the center to put put the firs as well. This fact is not disputed and why would they prevent fire fighters? Well, maybe it is to let the fire run its course. There have also been dispute at other locations as to the war on the street of Bangkok as well-where some said the military were the ones in controlled and doing most of the damages. lastly, at the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the military also stood by and let people run in and burn the lobby of the stock market. So really, anything is possible at this point-but only the few will question it now. As most agree, the real facts will not be known-not because of anything-but as many say-because the Thai military is not co-operating with any investigations.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are so sophisticated, like let us show you how we get undress, OK?

Hi sophisticated babe, sorry but Thai Intel’s attention span is like half an hour only and we are dedicated to politics and economics-a long sexy dance will not do. Can we just get undress fast and do it even quicker-because there is always a blog post to report.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the available girl that are always available and ready for some kinky love, and we just want to know about the 91 dead because many now say some mysterious group killed most of them.

Hi available girls, to say some mysterious force killed the protesters is just like saying the Red Shirts killed the Red Shirts which for anyone to be saying that is totally psychotic. The only mysterious force that killed the protesters are the military unit involved in the killing since if known, charges against them could be bought. Again, there was never any red Shirts killing of red Shirts-and just the Thai military doing the killings. Again, which military unit is the question.

  • Hi Thai Intel: Who will you vote for?

Well girls, Thai Intel will have to evaluate each and everyone of your talents-and you know what type of talents are important at Thai Intel.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the virgin white foxes, and where does the opposition party Pheu Thai Party fit into all of this?

Hi virgin white, the opposition do their thing and the Red Shirts do their thing. Everyone tries to link them together but there is very little link between them except the Red Shirts will vote with the opposition. he government is trying to chop off the red shirt off as a radical force like the yellow shirt-and maintain that it is neutral and above street politics. But the fact is that most of the Yellow Shirt street protesters are Democrat party supporters.

  • Hi Thai Intel: Heard you guys and gals stop drinking-what a disappointment.

Hi beer models, yes we have been on the wagon but do not get confused, we are still as nasty in bed as ever.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the bouncy girls, and we just want to know when will Thailand be OK again?

Hi Bouncy Girls, it is a sin to wish that people are dead, but in Thailand’s circumstances, Thai Intel is afraid some people will have to pass away before things gets better, and then only if Thailand gets lucky. There are already talks of coup and coup in preparation for when people die off. The sad fact is that there is no institution left in Thailand that people respect-even the royalism institution. Everything is breaking apart, this is the decline of Thailand.

  • Hi Thai Intel: Feel like a dip?

Hi girls, you do not want to know which part of me feels like a dip

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the big top Jap happening chicks-love the spa and just want to invite you to our spa, OK?

Hi spa Girls, Thai Intel journalist are monks and have sworn absentee from anything sexy. So sorry can not join you at the spa, except when we are not abstaining from sex-like 99% of the time. So OK, lets do sexy spa.

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