Thai Intel answers “Wild & Crazy” part 1

Thai Intel received the following post card from our fans in Asia (yes, we wish). Well, they told Thai Inel what they were up to but a few also asked about the Red Shirts. So Thai Intel decided to spend the day answering their mail-as to the current status of the Red Shirts-and on other things as well.

  • Hi, Thai Intel: Wish you can be here with us cause we would smother you with out love juice. What is going on with the Red Shirts-seems like lots of news and lots of speculation-we totally lost! From Red Chicks who prefer to protest by the pool.

Hi Red Chicks, nothing much with the Red Shirts. They have decided to do a unified split-one leg off doing the independent things for the independent crowd and another leg decided to re-connect a link with the old leaders for the Red Shirts who need strong leadership. Do not get confused-have some Margaretta and relax. Thai Intel loves you as always.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the party girls and we just want to know what is the correct places to party in Thailand?

Hi party girls, given that people are jailed in Thailand for very long time for lese majeste and about 100 protesters killed by the Thai military-the political correct thing to do if you are an ethical tourist, is to avoid anything with the word “Royal” and Thai Military” attached to it. Unfortunately, that is virtually impossible in Thailand-so Thai Intel suggestion is to stay away from Thailand and do not put money into the wallet of the Thai powers at be so they can buy bullets and put people in jail.

  • Hi Thai Intel: It is party time, pick me up in about half an hour OK?

Hi girl, lets forget party time and have some 2 to 1 quality time inside the condo instead-your friend can watch.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the grumpy babes and that is because looks like the military is doing lots of life threatening stuff on Sombat, the fab guy from the 1960s who is doing lots of creative protesting with the Red Shirts. Will he get killed or disappeared somewhere? Love Thai Intel’s as always!

Hi Grumpy babe, relax because if Sombat gets whack, there will be other in his place. But will he get whack or not really depends on the mood of the Thai army chief, Prayuth. The guy is a total psycho lunatic with very weak link to logic and morality. By the way, love your jeans, but can you tear them up a bit and show some skin. But lets pray Prayuth gets laid more often and start appreciate the lighter side of life. Love you too!

  • Hi Thai Intel: Ever wonder about the one you missed?

Hi girls, looking at you babes now Thai Intel is wondering about the ones that we did not miss.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the bye bye girls and guess what, our hands are free and guess what they would like to be doing? A hint, it will be something wonderfully rocking hard and rocking in rhythm!

Hi free hand girls, Thai Intel guess is that those pretty little hands needs to wrap around something. Unfortunately, Thai Intel are big guys and your pretty little hands will not be able to wrap around anything much. But you can try.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the nerdy fox and we wold like some intellectual insight into the Red Shirt movement, particularly what Jai Ungpakorn has just said sounds like a fab plan.

Hi Nerdy Foxes, yes Thai Intel saw Jai’s latest writings and we love it. The plans looks a bit too complicated though. The Red Shirts movement these days has turned into a love affair and you know when we talk of love-the spur of the moment is kind of important. But Jai did gave a bit of structure, and that is good. I would no go over-board and follow it as written in stone though. There is the spirit behind those words also. Well we love you cause you are definitely foxy babe.

  • Hi Thai Intel: Do not we make you wonder if you are on the right track in life?

Hi foxy girls, Thai Intel knows we went off the wrong bend when we stop caring about money so much but decided that human rights-especially the right to make it with sexy chicks-became the priority.

  • Hi Thai Intel: We are the power red girls group and we feel like winning soon, so when will it come? Thai Intel have been quoting Che Guevara, and so what does Che said about winning?

Hi Power red girls, Che did not say much about winning because there is no real wining for Che but that the struggle against in-justice is something that last a life time. What Che talks about is break and milestone though-like knowing whan it is time to be a family man and be there for his children and not just struggle struggle and struggle. So just relax, if winning means against the royalist elite military ruler of Thailand, it will come in due course. Love your sexy bikini by the way.

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