The importance of removing the make up

make up

make up

Often.. up to date with the latest trends in make up is essential to know the latest revolution in cosmetics. We did not even hesitate to apply ourselves hundreds of creams, tonics, or peeling facial masks with which to achieve, if not eternal youth, aging more dignified.

But … what happens when the day ends and your skin needs to breathe? There is an “eternal forgotten in the beauty of this: the process of makeup remover on a daily basis.

We forget the importance of a good cleaning of our face, without realizing that the remover is an essential part of facial care to activate the regeneration process of the skin. And above all that a bad makeup of fashion 2009, remover contributes to skin aging.

A frenetic pace of life, lack of time for an investigation, the fatigue accumulated during the day, “I do it later”, to late at night and, ultimately, laziness can be the cause of our “neglect” but never an excuse. It is true that we all jumped on occasion this small but important ritual. This year, fashion 2009, we must learn no to do it!.

When cleaning your skin, besides freeing the mask and makeup and help it to breathe, remove dead cells, excess sebum and waste pollution that accumulate during the day. It is imperative to clean the skin with cotton towed away dirt, both morning and night with a facial tonic after a gel or a cream remover. We must make this ritual becomes a process of everyday life, such as cleaning the teeth.

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