Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are usually put on by fashion designers with the intention of promoting ther clothing and accessories which are worn by models on the catwalk. The first exhibition... of such a show goes back to the 1900’s in New York. Back then, the purpose was to spark the female shopper’s curiosity in the latest Parisian fashion creations. This was happening in 1903 and by 1920 all over the United States themed fashion shows were taking place, often narrated.

Later on fashion shows specialized more and more, becoming a display of art, accompanied by impressive decorations and especially selected music to blend with the presentation and the complex stages.

Since the 1970s fashion weeks are organized, events that focus on presenting the latest designs from all over the world, from the most successful, popular and most acclaimed houses. These fashion shows happen in fashion capitals like New York, Milan, Paris, Rome, Tokyo and London. Many other fashion weeks are put on throughout the year in many other cities with the scope of promoting unknown but promising designers.

A fashion trend is presented each season which means fashion shows often take place from January until March and from September until November. These allow designers to inform retailers and the general public on the available trends for the next upcoming season in time for them to decide what to purchase and buy respectively.

Fashion Show

Journalists, celebrities and photographers and other designers are invited to fashion shows, making them real entertainment programs. Because of the high interest in fashion, fashion channels are available for the general public, so you can have a runaway presentation in the intimacy of your home. You can choose from specific fashion shows with clothes ready t wear (prêt-a-porter), bridal fashion (for brides only), haute-couture or swimwear fashion.

Fashion shows are glamorous events that are regularly associated with charity events and special exhibitions of accessories and cosmetics. These are occasions for famous designer schools to participate in. Most acclaimed fashion shows – specifically Fashion Weeks - take place in New York, Paris, London, Milan, London, Los Angeles and Rome and bring together a myriad of celebrities, supermodels, designers and fashion magazine editors, with a massive media coverage.

Latest fashion shows

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