Style Star: Camilla Belle

For every the celebrity out there making fashion faux pas and dressing to simply start a trend no matter how outrageous the outfit, there are also underrated stars like Camilla Belle who in my eyes has never stumbled fashion-wise.

A Brazilian-American actress, I remember first watching her act with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic. She has grown up to be absolutely stunning and so stylish. In some manner she reminds me a lot of Margherita Missoni, always unique but classy at the same time.

She is also the face of Vera Wang's 'Princess' fragrance and has been featured on the cover of Teen Vogue, as well as several Miu Miu ads. She's a fixture on the front row seats of NY fashion week.

Vera Wang describes her as "a mix of real-girl coolness and unbelievable beauty." How apropos. An article in Teen Vogue describes Camilla's approach to fashion as "chameleonlike...frequently emerging from a project having acquired something new, stylewise." Indeed, Camilla is influenced by all that she experiences, and embraces the opportunity to dress herself instead of employing a stylist.

"When I was younger," she admits, "I had no interest [in fashion]. But after I went to Paris to see the collections for the first time a few years ago, they made a huge impression on me. I realized that fashion is an art form, like acting or painting."

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